All star champion motorcycle





  • Motor Bike Model
  • Created 1997



This is the first Motorbike artwork built by Artist and it is a important enhancement in the variety of designs and art creativity development. It has a DC Motor as engine with a belt driven rear wheel. The Motorbike can be powered when it is placed on the dedicated standoffs. The Idea came from finding the simetric metal pieces which are used as motorcycle frame. The Fender, gasoline Tank, the Seat and wheels are chosen accordingly to the model size.
Very nice and compact model looks so realistic that its design belongs to the present time. The Champion is the symbol of independence and it powers up the imagination towards success.

  • Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 4, Standing on the flat surface
  • Special features: DC adapter powered only for occasional demonstration purpose
  • Used materials: Computer parts, VCR parts



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