Lord of the Time rings Icon




  • Futuristic Clock -  Icon Future Art
  • Created 1995



The connection between Past and Future is represented with this Clock. Its hands are ticking in the opposite directions creating the mirrored time presentation. It has a Symbol of Atomic age, looks like an Icon from the ancient and lost civilizations and also like an hyper-futuristic Creature out of this World. The most attractive and compact design found in one place. Assembled using original electronic parts found in a couple of old computers. It is one of the most significant Artist’s works using these materials. Repeating red-green light pattern gives additional dynamic to the whole unit. Originaly as “ Master of the time rings ”, Lord of the time rings has been finaly named in the later 90’s by renaming “ Master ” to “ Lord ”. This magnificant Icon has made important influence on the future art develoment in artist’s life.

  • Dimensions: 14” x 10” x 3” Wall mounted
  • Special  features: Continuously Battery operated from 8-12 months
  • Used materials:
  • Computer Parts, Quartz Clock’s, LED running lights.



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