Spaceship Orion halogen lamp






  • Space Ship, Ceiling Halogen Lamp
  • Created 1994



This is the first Spaceship models built by Artist, and it became enlightenment for further exploration of the Universe of hidden ideas. It is assembled on unique way using just available holes on the material. This is one of the units that show “how it wants to be assembled”. Assembled this way, means that Artist has understood the “message“, which has been hidden between the parts. It makes the question possible: Is it the presence of hyper-civilizations real and how is it its influence on the artistic creation? UFO Alien Art ?

  • Dimensions: 22” x 23” x 5”, Ceiling hookup
  • Special features:Works on 120VAC-power source in the continuous use
  • Used materials: Computer , Electrical, parts, Halogen lights



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