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  • Robotic Art  - Robot Model Assemblage Art
  • Created 1999
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This is a small but great futuristic sculpture model. It is a Robot that is a Horse at the same time. All parts are original as they are found in the equipment. It is assembled without drilling any additional holes and all parts fit perfectly together. Everything began from the horse’s Head found in the Hard-Drive, but important to say that Material available was very limited at this time. This is one of the seven art models from this time built with “dedicated” parts. What Artist needs, is to recognize these parts and put them together on the right place. The Robot is turning left–right while its and horses eyes are flashing. It looks like a futuristic Hunter watching around but also adventure and challenge are its options.

  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 6” x 5”, Standing on the flat surface
  • Special features: DC adapter or Battery operated only for the demonstration purpose
  • Used materials: Computer and Printer parts, LED lights, gear Drive



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