Sign of Maya relic sculpture






  • Maya Ancient Art  Relic - Sculpture
  • Created 1997



What happens when two computer hard-drives are joined together and concrete mixture is poured in. It becomes 3D mold of the hard-drive, but… But, after removing the covers, surprising effect has been discovered on both of the sculpture's sides! It showed the form of an ancient God-like religious creature. We can recognize the whole body, the eyes, mouth and the nose. This is something amazing what Artist didn't expected to discover and this is what inspires the Artist to follow the way of his artistic creation. This Maya relic sculpture represents one of the signs of ancient worlds and it's energy presence in today's world. One of the lost civilizations artworks presented as futuristic sculpture .

  • Dimensions: 4” x 2” x 5” , Standing on the flat surface
  • Used materials: Computer parts, microchips, Concrete mixture, granite paint



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