The Name is the combination of two words, Alexandro and Andromeda, the combination of artist�s Name and the Andromeda Galaxy, which is also one of the most popular names in the Science-Fiction World.

ALEXANDROMEDA PROJECT is a long-term artistic creation, the one of its kind, unique Recycling of Computer and Electronic parts into futuristic and ancient like Art objects. Beside the artistic value it is the artist�s contribution to the e-Waste reduction which will be an important issue in the 21st. Century. Modern example of how artists using technology and reuse its parts in the artistic creation.

This Website may inspire you to wisely recycle old and obsolete electronics devices and protect the environment for us and the future generations. Electronic and Computer devices may contain hazardous environment pollutants like Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and chemicals. Improper disposal may result in Ground and Water pollution. By proper recycling in local electronic recycling facilities many useful metals and raw materials can be recovered what helps to save the Earth natural ressources and saving the environment.

Educational institutions may introduce the alexandromeda project in schools and workshops to build the society of tomorrow with better and responsible relations to the Nature which is the Home for everyone.

Alexandromeda is not affiliated or identified with any third party user names or groups  aka "Alexandromeda", "alex andromeda",  found elsewhere on the internet. 

"Alexandromeda" name has not been used by the Artist and owner of this domain to create such user names or groups outside this website domain. The only legitimate "Alexandromeda" name related to this domain is sustained and kept within this domain only.                                     


Technical Information:

All measurments are in inches, Voltages are: 115VAC/12VAC (Standard), 230VAC/12VAC (Optional)


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