The Family Picture








  • Mosaic Picture with Backlight American Modern Art
  • Created 1996



It is a picture, one of its kind! Using unique materials something amazing has been brought to life. As Artist started to build the unit, some great energy has brighten the way to do it. It seems that the picture has been completely built by this energy and that the Artist was only medium who is putting things together! It begun without knowing what kind of artwork is going to be, but step by step, picture was more clearer and clearer and Artist was amazed actually how he did it! You can recognize the man and how his woman sitting on his shoulder with two children on the left and right. The whole Family is surrounded with the big heart and it represents the great love and happiness. Art, simply priceless!

  • Dimensions: 11.5 x  9 x 2 Wall mounted
  • Special features: DC ADapter or Battery operated for the ocasional demonstration use
  • Used materials: Laptop Computer Display, ceramic microchips, granite paint



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