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From the single XT-machine begun everything, where Artist has discovered first interesting parts and the whole World of opportunities for the creation of unique artworks. The whole Idea came from surfacing the microchips on the flatband Cable for the Swatch Wrist - Band, in experimenting with arts & crafts.
The Microchip - Wristband was fully made from the microchips found in the first disassembled computer, which designates the begining of the artist’s ” recycled computer art “ discovery.

It was the Time where first PC-machines became obsolete hiding inside enormous artistic-material resources.

You think maybe that the tons of old computers are required to make this kind and quantity of Art, you’re maybe right. But it’s not quite like that!

How is the Artist managed to do that with minimal quantity of available material? This is something what requires the artistic sixth-sense how to get the right parts for the current and future Art projects.

We have to understand, that each part contains a “message” which needs to be discovered and applied to the artwork. This is the Way of my artistic Vision and believing in higher senses of our World.

This is happening periodicaly over the years where the parts are found or bought on different places following just the inner feeling of the burning fire “this is something what may be used and this are the right parts”. The parts which are collected this way are assembled “just like that“, without drilling holes and the matching between the parts was remarcable.

Many surprises are followed in forms of discovering  unexpected forms or visual effects by creating the artifacts what giving the mystical sense to the way of artistic creation. Something what gives the “cosmic sign” is that this art creation is on the right track and it has a higher sense of its presence.

It is a modern Example how artists use Technology in the creative Art expression of electronic arts.

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