Power of the motor horse





  • Futuristic Motor - Robotic Art Assembled Art
  • Created 1998



This is the mystical approach on the future art Design direction. Looking back in the past, on the mythical Longhorn Horses from the tales of knights and princesses, this Motorhorse is his futuristic relative. The Knight with the Hawk on his shoulder is taking the ride on the back of this wonderful Creature. There is motor Gear built in and it moves up and down the Saddle together with the Rider and a horse’s Head, what gives a realistic movement of riding on the real Horse. It represents the mythical Figure of the ancient Hero who is traveling through the Time and different places. The Motor Horse is member of the Assemblage Robotic Art direction.

  • Dimensions: 9” x 4” x  7”, Standing on the flat Surface
  • Special features: DC adapter or Battery powered only for occasional demonstration purpose
  • Used materials: Computer Parts, LED lights, gear Drive



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