Sign of Inka relic sculpture






  • Inka ancient Art   Relic - Sculpture
  • Created 1998



The hard drive usually contains the data what we store and use over the time, but what is going to happen if we make the computer hard-drive mold?
It is amazing what kind of hidden messages single hard-drive can contain when the artistic work is created out of it. It is the sign of the lost civilizations found where they are at least expected!
The paint used and integrated computer chips on the surface are giving the magnificent power of light and mystery to this sculpture. This bright relic art piece represents the sign of mystical ancient worlds and it's energy presence in today's world.

Presented like futuristic Form of ancient Inca Sculpture.

  • Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 5 , Standing on the flat surface
  • Used materials: Computer parts, microchips, Concrete mixture, granite and acrylic paint 



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